Derek Barton shares the 1969 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Odd Hassel for their contributions to the development of the concept of conformation and its application in chemistry.

Derek Barton continues his studies at Imperial College and earns his PhD in Organic Chemistry in 1942. He studies the synthesis of vinyl chloride.

Derek Barton and Jeanne Kate Wilkins get married in 1944. They have one son and get divorced later.

In 1950 Derek Barton shows that organic molecules in general and steroid molecule in particular can be assigned a preferred conformation, based upon results accumulated by chemical physicists, in particular by Odd Hassel. With this conformation analysis Barton can determine the geometry of many other natural product molecules. It is also useful in the elucidation of configuration and necessary for the fully understanding of enzymatic processes.

Derek Barton is appointed Administrator of the Institute of Chemistry of Natural Substances in Gif-sur-Yvette, France.

Derek Barton enrolls at Imperial College London in 1938. He receives his Bachelor´s degree in Chemistry in 1940.

Derek Harold Richard Barton is born to his parents William Thomas and Maude Henrietta Barton in Gravesend, England.

In 1957 Derek Barton becomes Professor of Organic Chemistry at Imperial College, which position he holds until 1978. During this time Barton is also Visiting Professor at MIT (1958), at the Universities of Illinois and Wisconsin (1959) and at Berkeley University (1960). He is knighted in 1972.

Derek Barton and Judith Cobb get married in 1993.

Derek Barton attends Gravesend Grammar School from 1926 to 1929 and The King´s School, Rochester from 1929 to 1932.

Derek Barton becomes Reader in Organic Chemistry in 1950 and Professor in Organic Chemistry in 1953 at Birkbeck College, London.

Derek Barton and the university professor Christiane Cognet get married in 1969. She dies in 1992.

Derek Barton becomes a Research Fellow at ICI.

Derek Barton dies in College Station, Texas on 16. March 1998.

Derek Barton leaves France and becomes Distinguished Professor at Texas A&M University in 1986, which position he holds until his death in 1998.

Derek Barton visits Tonbridge High School, where he graduates in 1936.

Derek Barton works with Albright and Wilson in Birmingham before he becomes an assistant lecturer in the Department of Chemistry of Imperial College.

Derek Barton is appointed Visiting Lecturer in the Chemistry of Natural Products at the Department of Chemistry, Harvard University.

Derek Barton works as a research chemist for the government.

Derek Barton becomes Regius Professor of Chemistry at the University of Glasgow in 1955.