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Farewell addresses by Countess Bettina Bernadotte, Hlamulo Makelane, Ulrich Steinbach and Richard Schrock

Closing Panel Discussion (2017)

Ethics in Science; Panelists Martin Chalfie, Jeffrey Kovac, Ahmet Üzümcü (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons), Michael Lerch (University of Groningen), Karen Stroobants (University of Cambridge); Moderator: Geoffrey Carr

Panel Discussion (2017)

Science Careers; Panelists Dan Shechtman, John E. Walker, Thomas L. Gianetti (ETH Zurich), May Shana'a (Beiersdorf AG), Wiltrud Treffenfeldt (Dow Europe GmbH); Moderator: Alaina G. Levine (Quantum Success Solutions)

Thomas A. Steitz (2017)

How Protein Factors Facilitate Protein Synthesis by the Ribosome

Dan Shechtman (2017)

The Science and Beauty of Crystals

Peter Agre (2017)

Aquaporin Water Channels: From Atomic Structure to Malaria

Jean-Pierre Sauvage (2017)

From Chemical Topology to Molecular Machines

Ei-ichi Negishi (2017)

Magical Power of d-block Transition Metals as Exemplified by Catalytic Highly Asymmetric C-C Bond Formation

Richard R. Schrock (2017)

Catalytic Reduction of Dinitrogen to Ammonia

Heidelberg Lecture: Joseph Sifakis, recipient of the ACM A.M. Turing Award 2007 (2017)

On the Nature of Computing

Panel Discussion (2017)

Current and Future Game Changers in Chemistry; Stefan Hell, Richard R. Schrock, Jörg Huslage (Volkswagen Group), Siddulu Talapaneni (University of South Australia); Moderator: Geoffrey Carr

Jean-Marie Lehn (2017)

Towards Adaptive Chemistry