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Winning the War? (2014)

Laureates Michael Bishop and Harald zur Hausen explore cancer genetics and vaccines.

HIV in Hiding (2014)

Françoise Barré-Sinoussi on the most recent developments in the battle against HIV.

May Cause Drowsiness (2014)

Martin Evans and fellow Laureate Oliver Smithies on the accompanied side effects of drugs.

Trailer - A Picture of Health (2014)

In a series of four films, Nobel Laureates and young scientists discuss the implications of a globally ageing population, the possibility of drugs without side effects, scientific achievements in cancer research, and the most recent developments in the battle against HIV.

Academic Support and Interconnectedness of Science (2014)

Nobel Laureates and Academic Partners stress the need of cross-generational support and global connectedness of scientists.

Panel Discussion (2014)

Closing Panel Discussion: Science for the Benefit of Mankind; Panelists Barré-Sinoussi, Bassioni, Mgone, Schmidt, Schütte

Panel Discussion (2014)

Academia and Industry – Exploring the Collaborative Landscapes of the Future; Panelists Beutler, Goldman, Gøtzsche, Gomes, Malik, Wang

Oliver Smithies (2014)

Where Do Ideas Come From?

Sir John Walker (2014)

Generating the Fuel of Life

Martin Chalfie (2014)

Tickling Worms: Surprises From Basic Research

Werner Arber (2014)

Biological Evolution in the Context of Cosmic Evolution and of Cultural Evolution

Ferid Murad (2014)

Discovery of Nitric Oxide and Cyclic GMP in Cell Signaling and Their Role in Drug Development