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Quantum Science (2021)

Serge Haroche, William D. Phillips; Moderator: Rainer Blatt

William D. Phillips (2020)

A New Measure: the Revolutionary Reform of the Metric System

Vom Urkilo zur Naturkonstante (2019)

Wie kann man Urkilo und Urmeter so ersetzen, dass eine für alle gültige und nachvollziehbare neue Norm daraus entsteht? In Kapitel II der vierteiligen Minie Lecture zu den SI-Einheiten erfahren Sie mehr darüber.

Welche Naturkonstante gehört zu welcher Basiseinheit? (2019)

Die Frage zur Zugehörigkeit der Naturkonstante zur entsprechenden Basiseinheit soll in Kapitel IV der vierteiligen Mini Lecture zu den SI-Einheiten beantwortet werden.

From Prototype Kilo to natural Constant (2019)

How can the prototype kilo and the other definitions for base units be replaced by a new system which can be applied everywhere? Fin out in chapter II of this four-part Mini Lecture series on SI Units.

Panel Discussion (2019)

Student, Postdoc, and Then? - Aiming for a Career in Science

William D. Phillips (2019)

The New International System of Units: Our Metric System Is Experiencing Its Greatest Revolution Since the French Revolution

Public Lecture by William D. Phillips on "Time, Einstein and the Coolest Stuff in the Universe" (2019)

"Time, Einstein and the Coolest Stuff in the Universe" provides a fun and educational overview on how fundamental research influences our daily life.

Panel Discussion (2016)

Is Quantum Technology the Future of the 21st Century?; Panelists Serge Haroche, Gerardus 't Hooft, William Phillips, David Wineland; Moderator: Christian Meier

William Phillips (2016)

Superfluid Atomic Gas in a Ring: A New Kind of Closed Circuit

William D. Phillips (2015)

Quantum Information: a Scientific and Technological Revolution for the 21st Century

William Phillips (2012)

Creating Artificial Magnetic Fields to Act on Neutral Atoms