Paul Lauterbur - Laureate Paul Lauterbur (Physiology/Medicine 2003) taking part in a discussion session Frank Wilczek - Laureate Frank Wilczek (Physics 2004) during a discussion session Klaus von Klitzing - Laureate Klaus von Klitzing (Physics 1985) lecturing on 'Einstein's Nobel Prize and Modern Nanoelectronics' Kurt Wüthrich - Laureate Sir Harold Kroto in discussion with Laureate Kurt Wüthrich Sir Harold Kroto - Lecture: '2010 - A Nanospace Odyssey' by Sir Harold Kroto (Laureate Chemistry, 1996) Günter Blobel - Laureate Günter Blobel (Physiology/Medicine 1999) delivering his lecture on 'Transport into Nucleus' Manfred Eigen - Lecture: 'What is Life - Now' by Manfred Eigen (Laureate, Chemistry 1967) Sir Peter Mansfield - Sir Peter Mansfield (Laureate, Physiology/Medicine 2003) lecturing on 'Real Time MRI: Eco-Planar Imaging' Riccardo Giacconi - Lecture 'Basic and Applied Research' by Riccardo Giacconi (Laureate, Physics 2002) David Gross - Lecture 'The Future of Physics' by David Gross (Laureate, Physics 2004) Alan Heeger - Laureate Alan Heeger in discussion with young researchers Robert Richardson - Laureate Robert Richardson (Physics, 1996) lecturing on 'Examples of Some Multi-Disciplinary Research' Masatoshi Koshiba - 2002 Physics Laureate Masatoshi Koshiba at the panel discussion Alan Heeger - Chemistry Laureate Alan Heeger (2000) and Physiology/Medicine Laureate Werner Arber (1978) exchange their ideas Richard Ernst - Laureate Richard Ernst (Chemistry, 1991) intermingling with young researchers Walter Kohn - Walter Kohn delivering his lecture on 'Nearsightedness of Electronic Structure' (Laureate, Chemistry 1998) Robert Huber - Lecture: 'Immunreceptors-Antibody Interactions, a Structural Basis' by Robert Huber (Laureate, Chemistry 1988) Kurt Wüthrich - Kurt Wüthrich lecturing on 'From Genome to Proteome - Impact on Biological and Biomedical Research' (Laureate, Chemistry 2002) Aaron Ciechanover - Lecture: 'Why Proteins Have to Die, so We Shall Live' by Aaron Ciechanover (Laureate, Chemistry 2004) 55th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, 2005 - Group photo with Countess Bettina Bernadotte and the invitated Nobel Laureates 55th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, 2005 - Plenary Panel Discussion