While studying Medicine at the University of Oregon, William Murphy works as a laboratory assistant in the Department of Anatomy at the Medical School in Portland.

William Murphy gains his Bachelor degrees at the University of Oregon in 1914.

William Murphy along with George Richards Minot and George Hoyt Whipple is awarded the 1934 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their discoveries concerning liver therapy in cases of anemia.

William Murphy attends public schools in Wisconsin and Oregon and graduates in 1910.

William Murphy spends the summer of 1917 at the Rush Medical School in Chicago.

William Murphy teaches mathematics and physics at various high schools in Oregon from 1914 until 1916.

William Parry Murphy is born to his parents Thomas Francis Murphy and Rose Anna Parry in Stoughton, Wisconsin.

After serving in the army from 1917 till 1918, William Murphy gets a fellowship at Harvard Medical School, where he gains his Doctor of Medicine in 1922.

William Murphy dies on 09. October in 1987 in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Through experiments with dogs William Murphy discovers the importance of liver and iron for restoring anemia. This work lays the fundament for the isolation of vitamin B12 in 1948. He publishes the book "Anemia in practice" in 1939.

William Murphy and the dentist Pearl Harriett Adams get married in September of 1919. They have two children.

William Murphy becomes an Assistant in Medicine at Harvard Medical School in 1924. From 1928 until 1935 he´s appointed as a teacher in Medicine and as an Associate until 1938. He becomes Lecturer in Medicine in 1948, before becoming Senior Associate and Emeritus Lecturer in 1958.