Walter Kohn works under Julian Schwinger on quantum electrodynamics and the emerging field theory of strong interactions between nucleons and mesons. Later, he teaches one of the first courses on solid state physics in the US.

Walter Kohn starts working at the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh as an assistant professor, later being promoted to a full professor. He focuses his research on energy band structure of electrons for periodic potentials, the image of metallic fermi surface in the phonon spectrum and the nature of the insulating state.

Walter Kohn visits the Chajes Gymnasium, a Jewish school where, due to him Dr. Emil Nohel and Dr. Victor Sabbath are drawing his interest towards natural Science.

Walter Kohn attends the Akademisches Gymnasium in Vienna, where his Education is focused mainly on Greek and Latin. With the annexation of Austria by Hitler Germany, repressions against Jews rise and Walter Kohn is expelled from school in 1938.

Walter Kohn is shipped to Canada as a refugee. He is moved around various Camps but continues his education by attending courses in mathematics. In 1942 he Is released and lives with the family of Prof. Bruno Mendel.

Walter Kohn is awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his development of the density-functional theory. He shares the prize with John Pople.

Walter Kohn attends school in England for some months but as a German national, he is interned in various camps including the the Isle of Man. He continuously studies mathematics, physics and chemistry.

Walter Kohn marries Mara Schiff. They have three daughters.

Walter Kohn and his sister emigrate to England in 1939 and live with business associates of their father to escape the barbarism of the Nazi regime. Both their parents are killed in Auschwitz.

Walter Kohn moves to the University of California, Santa Barbara and becomes the initial director of the national science foundation´s Institute for theoretical physics. From 1984 he works as an Professor of Physics till his retirement in 1990.

Walter Kohn takes a crash master´s program, his thesis consists of a paper on tops and scaling of atomic wave-functions. He earns his degree after just one year in 1946.

Walter Kohn attends Harvard university and works under Julian Schwinger on the Three-body scattering problem. He meets J.H. Van Vleck who tries to interest him In band-theory of solids. Kohn receives his PhD in physics in 1948.

Walter Kohn enrols at the Toronto University to study mathematics and physics and receives his war time bachelor in 1945.

Walter Kohn is born in Vienna to his parents Salomon and Gittel Kohn as one of two children.

Walter Kohn simplifies the theoretical equations of the interactions of electrons With each other and with atomic nuclei to such an extend, that calculations of Complex chemical reaction systems become possible, without considering the Motion of each individual electron. The deriving method is called the density- Functional theory (DFT).

Walter Kohn works at the University of California, San Diego. He focuses on the Theory of surface, mostly electronic structures and variational principals of the DFT Equations.

Walter Kohn marries Lois Mary Adam.

Since 1991 Walter Kohn continuously works as an Emeritus and Research Professor at the Centre for Quantized Electronic Structures, Santa Barbara.