Clive Granger receives a call from Sweden at 3:00am. He is informed that he is awarded the 2003 Nobel Prize in Economic Science for methods of analyzing economic time series with common trends (cointegration).

Clive Granger joins the Econometric Project at the University of Princeton under Professor Oscar Morgenstern for a one year period. To work on stock market data Granger returns the next two summers to Princeton.

Clive William John Granger is born to his parents Evelyn and Edward John Granger in Swansea, Wales.

Clive Granger becomes Professor of Applied Statistics and Econometrics at the University of Nottingham.

When Clive Granger is one year old he and his family left Wales and move to Lincoln in Eastern England. His father is a jam salesman and has to travel around the country and leaves his family to serve at the beginning of World War II. So Grangher and his mother move to Cambridge, where they live in the house of his grandmother. In Cambridge Granger visits the local primary school.

Clive Granger starts his PhD in statistics at the University of Nottingham. With his doctoral thesis about time series analysis he gains his PhD in 1959.

After his PhD Clive Granger becomes teacher in Statistics at the University of Nottingham.

After twenty years at Nottingham University Clive Granger gets the call from University of California, San Diego. He and his wife decide to move to the United States and Clive Granger becomes a Professor of Economics. He holds this position until his retirement in 2003 and then becomes Professor Emeritus. In 1975 he meets his later co-recipient of the Nobel Prize Robert Engle at MIT, who joins the University of California as a time series econometrician.

Clive Granger visits the Cambridgeshire High School until he moves with his family to Nottingham in 1946. There he joins the West Bridgeford Grammar School, where he decides to go to University and concentrates on Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Physics.

As the first person in his family Clive Granger goes to University. He starts studying Economics and Mathematics, but focuses on Mathematics only after his first year. He gains his Bachelor degree at the University of Nottingham in 1955.

Clive Granger is appointed a junior lecturer in statistics at the University of Nottingham. At this time his just 22 years old and has no teaching experience.

Sir Clive Granger dies on 27. May 2009 in La Jolla, California.

Clive Granger and the research assistant Patricia get married in 1960 in the Princeton University Chapel in 1960. They have one son and one daughter.

In 1987 Clive Granger publishes his concept of cointegration, an analysis about the relationship between different financial or economic variables over time.