Leo Esaki and Masako Araki get married in 1959. They have two daughters and one son.

Leo Esaki studies physics at the University of Tokyo, where he earns his Bachelor's degree in 1947.

Leo Esaki is the president of the Shibaura Institute of Technology from 2000 until 2005.

Leo Esaki pioneering work leads to his discovery of the semiconductor superlattice.

Leo Esaki is born to his parents Soichiro and Niyoko Ito in Osaka, Japan.

Leo Esaki along with Brian Josephson and Ivar Giaever is awarded the 1973 Nobel Prize in Physics for their experimental discoveries regarding tunneling phenomena in semiconductors and superconductors, respectively.

Leo Esaki attends Third High School in Tokyo.

Since 2006 Leo Esaki is president of Yokohama College of Pharmacy.

Leo Esaki develops the tunnel diode, the first quantum electron device.

Leo Esaki is the president of the University of Tsukuba from 1992 until 1998.

Leo Esaki receives his PhD in Physics at the University of Tokyo in 1959.

Moving to the United States, Leo Esaki becomes an IBM Fellow and works on semiconductor research at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center from 1960 until 1992.

From 1956 until 1960 Leo Esaki is Senior Physicist at the Sony Corporation.