Holding his position as Research Associate Gerard Debreu continues his work at Yale University from 1955 until 1961.

After attending an improvised curriculum of mathematics in Ambert between 1939 and 1940, Gerard Debreu spends an academic year at the Grenoble Lycée. With this preparations he starts to study mathematics at the Ècole Normale Supérieure in the summer of 1941. With an interruption because of military service from 1944 until 1945, Gerard Debreu graduates in the beginning of 1946.

Gerard Debreu visits the College of the City of Calais, where he graduates in 1939.

Gerard Debreu is awarded the 1983 Nobel Prize in economic science for having incorporated new analytical methods into economic theory and for his rigorous reformulation of the theory of general equilibrium.

Gerard Debreu is appointed to Professor for economics at the University of California, Berkeley, in 1961. He holds this position until 1991. During this time he has many connections to various research sites: University of Louvain, Churchill College, Cambridge, England, Yale, Bonn, Paris, Christchurch. His main interests contains differentiable utility functions, characterization of the excess demand function of an economy and the rate of convergence of the core of an economy to its set of competitive equilibria.

Gerard Debreu and Françoise Bled get married in June of 1945. They have two daughters, Chantal and Florence.

Gerard Debreu becomes an Assistant in the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in 1946. During 1946 and 1948 he changes his focus from mathematics to economics.

Gerard Debreu along with Kenneth Arrow publishes a paper about market equilibrium, which proofs mathematically the existence of a general equilibrium.

Gerard Debreu publishes his monograph about an axiomatic analysis of the theory of general economic equilibrium in 1959. In addition he does researches on cardinal utility.

After visiting Salzburg, Harvard University, the University of California, Berkeley, the University of Chicago, the University of Columbia and the Universities of Uppsala and Oslo as a scholar from 1948 until 1950, Gerard Debreu gets a job as a Research Associate for economics at the University of Chicago in June of 1950.

Gerard Debreu is scholar at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University from 1960 until 1961.

Gerard Debreu dies in Paris on 31. December 2004.

Gerard Debreu is born to his parents Camille and Fernande (née Decharne) Debreu in Calais, France.

Gerard Debreu develops a general theorem on the existence of an economic equilibrium in 1962.