Directed by his father Jean Dausset starts to study medicine at the University of Paris. After he´s serving the army into the World War II from 1939 until 1940, Jean Dausset returns to Paris, where he passes his medical exams. After that he joins the French Forces in North Africa as a paramedic, where he makes endless blood transfusions and so gets into contact with hematology for the first time. He returns to Paris in 1944 and works at the Regional Blood Transfusion Centre at Hopital Saint-Antoine.

Jean Dausset along with Baruj Benacerraf and George Davis Snellis is awarded the 1980 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their discoveries concerning genetically determined structures on the cell surface that regulate immunological reactions.

Jean Dausset along with Felix Rapaport discovers the HLA-system.

Jean Dausset is born to his parents Henri, a physician, and Elizabeth Brullard.

Jean Dausset earns his baccalaureate in mathematics at the University of Paris in 1939.

Jean Dausset and the Spaniard Rosita Lopez get married in 1963. They have one daughter, Irene, and one son, Henri.

Jean Dausset along with Marcel Bessis discovers the first observation of leuco-agglutination and thrombo-agglutination in 1952. During this time he researches the immunogenetics of blood cells. He is also made the leader of the immunohematology laboratory in the Broussais Hospital.

Jean Dausset becomes an intern at Paris Hospitals and works along with Marcel Bessis, the developer of exchange transfusion. He spends research years at hematology laboratory at the Harvard Medical School in Boston, United States. Returning to Paris Jean Dausset resumes his work with Bessis and the Regional Blood Transfusion Centre.

Jean Dausset discovers an antibody, the first leucocyte antigen, MAC and now called HLA-A2.

Jean Dausset and his family first live in Biarritz, where he is homeschooled by either his mother or a private teacher. In the age of eleven the family moves to Paris, where home-teaching continues up to the age of 15.

Jean Dausset is director of the Research Unit on Immunogenetics of Human Transplantation between 1968 and 1984.

Jean Dausset visits the Lycée Michelet in Paris, where he graduates in 1935.

Jean Dausset becomes Professor for Experimental Medicine at the Collége de France in 1977.

Jean Dausset dies on 06. June 2003 in Mallorca, Spain.

Jean Dausset is appointed to Assistant Professor of Haematology at the Faculty of Medicine in Paris in 1958, and promotes to Professor of Haematology in 1963. He is also made the leader of the immunology at the Hopital Saint-Louis.