Henrik Dam dies on 18. April 1976 in Copenhagen.

Carl Peter Henrik Dam is born to his parents Emilie and Emil Dam in Copenhagen.

Henrik Dam becomes a teacher in chemistry at the School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine in 1923. The following two years he works as appointed as an instructor in biochemistry at the Physiological Laboratory of the University of Copenhagen.

Henrik Dam and Inger (née Olsen) get married in 1923.

Henrik Dam becomes an assistant professor at Copenhagen University in 1928 and an associate professor in 1929.

Henrik Dam is appointed to Professor of Biochemistry in 1941 and Professor of Nutrition in 1950 at the Polytechnic Institute at Copenhagen University.

Henrik Dam gains his PhD in biochemistry at the University of Copenhagen.

Henrik Dam gains his master´s degree in chemistry at the Polytechnic Institute Copenhagen in 1920.

Henrik Dam studies microchemistry at the University of Graz from 1925 until 1928.

Henrik Dam is administrator of the Biochemical Department of the Danish Fat Research Institute.

Henrik Dam researches the metabolism of sterols in Freiburg during 1932-1933 and continues his work with Paul Karrer in Zurich in 1935. Dam also goes on a lecture tour through Canada and the United States for a year.

Researching the sterol metabolism of chicks Henrik Dam and Edward A. Doisy discover vitamin K in 1939.

Henrik Dam along with Edward A. Doisy is awarded the 1943 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for their discovery of vitamin K.