Elias Corey and Claire Higham get married in 1961. They have two sons and one daughter and still live near the Harvard Campus.

Elias Corey visits the Lawrence Public High School. He graduates at the age of sixteen in 1945.

Elias Corey is awarded the 1990 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his development of the theory and methodology of organic synthesis.

William Corey is born as one of four children to his Christian Lebanese parents Elias and Fatina Corey in Methuen, Boston. He later receives his father´s name Elias, because the family lost him at the beginning of 1930.

Elias Corey is appointed as Professor of Chemistry at the age of 27 in 1956. He extends his field of research to enantioselective synthesis, metal complexes and enzyme chemistry. During the time at Illinois, Corey travels abroad and spends time at Harvard University, in Switzerland and London. He also visits Lund, where he´s fascinated by prostaglandins.

Elias Corey starts his studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at the age of sixteen in 1945. Mostly interested in mathematics in the beginning, he turns quickly into chemistry, especially organic chemistry. He gains his Bachelor´s degree in 1948.

Elias Corey stays at MIT and becomes a member of Professor Sheehan´s program on synthetic penicillins. He receives his PhD in 1951.

Elias Corey is the first one using computer analysis to compose organic chemical synthesis. In addition he develops countless synthetic reactions and transformations and also completes many total syntheses.

Elias Corey gets a lectureship for chemistry at the University of Illinois in 1951. Because Corey is interested in theoretical chemistry and biochemistry, he researches and teaches a broad range of chemistry. In the first three years Corey conducts research in the field of molecular orbital theory and its significance for the stereochemistry of reactions. Becoming Assistant Professor in 1954, Corey investigates the structure and synthesis of natural products.

Elias Cory is appointed as Professor of Chemistry at Harvard University in 1959. His current research fields include the synthesis of complex bioactive molecules, the logic of chemical synthesis, new methods of synthesis, molecular catalysts and robots, theoretical organic chemistry and reaction mechanisms, organometallic chemistry, bioorganic and enzyme chemistry, prostaglandins and other eicosanoids. Now, he´s Professor Emeritus at Harvard University and has published more than 1,000 papers.

Elias Corey attends the St Laurence O`Toole elementary school in Lawrence, where he´s taught by catholic sisters.