Willy Brandt is elected Foreign Minister and Vice-Chancellor.

Willy Brandt enters the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) and returns to be a German citizen.

Willy Brandt earns his Abitur from Johanneum zu Lübeck. He joins the "Socialist Youth" in 1929 and the Social Democratic Party (SPD) in 1930. He leaves then the SPD to join the Socialist Workers Party (SAP), which is allied to the POUM in Spain and the Independent Labour Party in Britain.

Willy Brandt is again forced to flee the Nazis and he escapes in the neutral Sweden where he stays till the end of the World War II.

Willy Brandt dies of cancer in Unkel, near Bonn.

Willy Brandt takes part in Lille at the founding of the International Bureau of Revolutionary Youth Organizations, and is elected to its Secretariat.

Willy Brandt is elected Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. In this period Brandt tries to improve the relations with the countries of the Warsaw Pact, including East Germany and Soviet Union formulating a policy known as Ostpolitik.

Willy Brandt (born Herbert Ernst Carl Frahm) is born in Lübeck, the illegitimate son of working-class parents. His mother, Martha Frahm, works as a cashier for a department store; his father, John Möller, is an accountant from Hamburg, whom Brandt never meets.

Willy Brandt becomes Mayor of West Berlin. In 1964 is appointed Chairman of the SPD position that he covers until 1987.

Willy Brandt is elected to the European Parliament.

Willy Brandt holds a lecture at Bommersvik college about problems experienced by the social democrats in Nazi Germany and the occupied countries at the start of World War II.

Willy Brandt is appointed President of the international grouping of Social Democratic Parties (Socialist International).

Willy Brandt is appointed Honorary Chairman of the SPD.

Willy Brandt returns to Germany from September to December 1936 disguised as a Norwegian student named Gunnar Gaasland.

Willy Brandt returns to Berlin as a Norwegian citizen. He works for the Norwegian government. In 1947 he becomes press officer at the Norwegian Mission in Berlin.

Willy Brandt (who is then still known as Herbert Frahm, his birth name) leaves Germany to escape Nazi persecution and he moves to Norway. He now adopts the pseudonym Willy Brandt to avoid detection by Nazi agents and he hearns a living as journalist.

Willy Brandt works in Spain as a journalist and representative of humanitarian relief organisations, during the Civil War.

Willy Brandt receives the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in improving relations with East Germany, Poland, and the Soviet Union.