Georg von Békésy is born as the first of three children to his parents Alexander and Paula von Békésy in Budapest, Hungary.

Georg von Békésy leaves Europe and moves to the United States in 1947, where he works at the Psycho-Acoustic Laboratory at Harvard University until 1965.

Georg von Békésy visits the University of Budapest, where he gains his PhD in Physics in 1923.

Georg von Békésy dies on 13. June 1972 in Honolulu.

Georg von Békésy enrolls at the University of Bern and starts studying chemistry. He earns his Bachelor's degree in 1920.

Georg von Békésy is awarded the 1961 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discoveries of the physical mechanism of stimulation within the colchea. His work paves the way to advances in ear surgery and better hearing aids.

Georg von Békésy visits schools in Munich, Constantinople, Budapest and Zurich because his father works for the Hungarian Diplomatic Service. He graduates at Zurich approximately in 1920.

Georg von Békésy is appointed as a Professor of Experimental Physics at the University of Budapest in 1939. He also continues working at the Post Office until 1946.

Georg von Békésy is appointed Professor for Sensory Sciences at the University of Hawaii, Honolulu in 1966.

During the period at Karolinska Institute Georg von Békésy develops an audiometer for the differential diagnosis of sensorineural hearing disorders .

By dissecting the inner ear, Georg von Békésy discovers that the basilar membrane moves like a surface wave when stimulated by sound. He also develops a model of the inner ear with the nerve system.

Georg von Békésy becomes a scholar at the Karolinska Institute Stockholm, Sweden in 1946.

Georg von Békésy starts working for the Hungarian Post Office in Budapest for the next two decades. He does researches on telecommunications signal quality and long-distance telephone transmission. He also spends time with the ear as a part of the transmission system. During this period von Békésy also works at the Central Laboratory of Siemens and Halske AG in Berlin for one year.