Gary Becker returns as a Professor to Chicago and concentrates his work on family: marriage, divorce, relationship between parents and children and many other aspects. In 1983 he´s offered a professorship at the Sociology Department at Chicago. He holds this position until his death in 2014.

Gary Becker is appointed Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago.

Gary Becker and historian Guity Nashat get married in 1980.

Gary Becker enrolls at Princeton University, where he accidentally visits a course in economics and is captivated by the combination of mathematics and social organization. He earns his Bachelor's degree in 1951.

Gary Becker becomes Professor of Economics at the University of Columbia in 1957. He also does research at the National Bureau of Economic Research for the next twelve years. He spends time with allocation of time, crime, punishment, irrational behavior and especially human capital.

Gary Becker and Doria Slote get married in 1954. They have two daughters, Judy and Catherine. His wife Doria dies in 1970.

Gary Becker switches to the University of Chicago to continue his work in economics. He studies under Milton Friedman, who renews his excitement about economics. In 1955 he earns his PhD with his thesis 'The economics of racial discrimination'.

At the age of four or five Gary Becker and his family move to Brooklyn, New York. There he visits elementary school and high school. At the age of sixteen he becomes interested in mathematics. Because his father is going blind Becker has to read him stock quotations and other reports about financial development, but isn´t very fascinated by it.

Gary Becker is awarded the 1992 Nobel Prize in Economic Science for having extended the domain of microeconomic analysis to a wide range of human behavior and interaction, including non-market behavior.

Gary Stanley Becker is born to his parents Louis William Becker and Anna Siskind in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. He has two sisters, Wendy and Natalie and one brother, Marvin.

Gary Becker dies on 03. May 2014 after complications from surgery in Chicago.