Sir Edward Appleton discovers along with Dr. J.S. Hey that sunspots are powerful emitters of short radio waves. He also develops a system of ionospheric forecasts.

Edward Appleton visits Hanson Grammar School, where he graduates in 1909.

Edward Appleton proves the height and existence of the ionosphere.

During World War I Edward Appleton serves in the West Riding Regiment and is later transferred to the Royal Engineers, where he works as a signal officer. This makes him interested in radio.

In 1926 Edward Appleton discovers an atmospheric layer, which reflects short waves round the earth and is called Appleton Layer.

After the death of his first wife Jessie in 1964 Sir Edward Appleton and his long-time secretary Helen Lennie Allison get married in March 1965.

Edward Appleton and Jessie Longson get married in 1915. They have two daughters, Marjery and Rosalind.

Edward Appleton becomes assistant demonstrator in experimental physics at the Cavendish Laboratory , Cambridge University.

In 1922 Edward Appleton becomes sub-rector at Trinity College, Cambridge University.

Edward Appleton is appointed Secretary of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research in 1939. During this time Appleton is knighted and visits the United States and Canada to try to collaborate British and American scientist.

From 1949 to his death in 1965 Sir Edward Appleton serves as the Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh. In 1956 he gives the Reith Lectures of the BBC on "Science and the Nation".

Sir Edward Appleton dies on the 21st of April 1965 in Edinburgh.

Edward Appleton gains his Master degree in Physics at the University of Cambridge in 1914.

Sir Edward Appleton is awarded the 1947 Nobel Prize in Physics for his investigations of the physics of the upper atmosphere especially for the discovery of the so-called Appleton layer.

Edward Appleton becomes Professor of Natural Philosophy at the University of Cambridge in 1936.

Edward Appleton gets a scholarship to St John´s College, Cambridge University. He gains his Bachelor degree in Natural Science in 1913.

In 1924 Edward Appleton becomes Wheatstone Professor of Physics at King´s College London. His research focuses on crystallography and vacuum tubes.

Edward Victor Appleton is born to his parents Peter und Marry Appleton in Bradford, England.

In 1931 Edward Appleton publishes his research results on determining the height of reflecting layers of the ionosphere.