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Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin (2019)

Erfahren Sie mehr über die Gewinnerin des Chemie Nobelpreises 1964. Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin war nicht nur die Grande Dame der Röntgenkristallanalyse sondern auch eine engagierte Persönlichkeit in der Pugwashbewegung, die sich für die Abrüstung der Atommächte einsetzte.

Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin (2019)

Learn more about the 1964 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin. She was the Grande Dame of x-ray crystallography and advocated with the Pugwash movement for peace and disarmament.

What is Edmond Fischer Curious About (2020)

Eddy Fischer elaborates about what he is curious and why he likes the Lindau Meetings so much.

Edmond Fischer on his First Invitation to the Lindau Meetings (2020)

Eddy Fischer reminisces the invitation of Countess Sonja Bernadotte and Count Lennart Bernadotte during the Nobel Week to Lindau.

The Lindau Nobel Laureate Portraits (2020)

Nobel Laureate Edmond H. Fischer in discussion with Marc Pachter, Director Emeritus, National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution

Donna Strickland on Her First Lindau Meeting (2019)

Donna Strickland recounts her first Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting and explains why this is a special place for young scientists and Nobel Laureates.

SI-Units IV: The Base Units of the SI-System II (2019)

Vorschlag Which natural constant defines which base unit? Chapter IV of the four-part Mini Lecture on SI-Units shows you how the ampere, mol, candela, kelvin and meter are defined.

SI-Units III: The Base Units of the SI-System I (2019)

Which natural constant defines which base unit? Chapter III of the four-part Mini Lecture on SI-Units shows how the second and the kilogramm are defined.

SI-Units II: From Prototype Kilo to natural Constant (2019)

How can the prototype kilo and the other defintions for base units be replaced by a new system which can be applied everywhere? Fin out in chapter II of this four-part Mini Lecture series on SI Units.